Tetley's Beer

Proper Decent


What makes Tetley's, Tetley’s?

In a word, it’s our Yeast. It’s the same strain of yeast that Joshua Tetley used in some of his most famous beers. It’s been used through generations of brewing and yes, we still use it in our beers today. Continually (and carefully) cultivating this delicate and unique yeast that gives our beers their unique flavour.

Not one but two. Our yeast is a dual strain which means it contains two enzymes that work together in absolute harmony. No other brewers have our yeast, it’s unique to Tetley’s so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s commonly available.

Beautiful balance. One other key to our success is brewing beers that are beautifully balanced. We use quality ingredients throughout of brews, variety of 6 traditional hops sourced from British suppliers and a selection of malts.